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Presented below are the most common Frequently Asked Questions when it comes to membership.

What is the age for membership?

Membership is open to anyone over the age of 16 years. Those aged between 16 and 18 are classed as Junior Members with those aged 18 years and over classed as Full Members.

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What equipment will I need?

To join as a Monitor you will need a minimum of UHF CB, preferably a base station set up although mobile monitoring is permitted for trained members. 27MHz CB is desirable but not essential. For monitoring of remote UHF repeaters you will also need either an internet connection and computer, or a mobile phone with data, capable of running Zello although again, this is not essential.

If you are joining as a Supporter only then no radio equipment is needed as this is a non-operational membership.

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What experience or training do I need?

None! Our training manual includes guidelines for how to use a CB to answer calls, and if you have zero experience with CB or radio our experienced members will guide you through the training manual to explain how to operate the CB and respond to calls.

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Is there any training needed?

Yes, for those joining as Monitors. All Trainee Monitors will need to go through our training manual and learn the specifics of the work expected. This may vary depending on what prior experience you have – for example, if you have a lot of experience using radiocommunications of some kind (e.g. CB, Ham, emergency services) we will not try and teach you what you already know, but rather those aspects specific to CB monitoring and RREC protocols.

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What is the minimum commitment for members?

For Monitors we expect regular engagement and regular monitoring of CB emergency channels. This could be daily, a few times a week, or whatever you are able to achieve. Some members just leave their radio turned on while they go around the house. Monitors will also need to report at least monthly, which can be done online through our portal. Supporters do not need to perform any regular duties.

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Will I need to do field work?

While Monitors may be asked to perform field duties from time-to-time, this is not essential as every member has their own personal limitations. Members are free to refuse field duties if they feel they are unable to complete the requested duty.

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What if I just want to support and not monitor?

Supporter Membership is available to anyone who just wants to join to support RREC but not participate in any active duties.

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