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Below are the current CB channels in Australia. This list includes legal channel designations and commonly accepted uses. Due to current popularity we will list the UHF band first then 27MHz CB.


In the following list the first 40 channels apply to both old 40 channel and new 80 channel units.

If you want you can download our UHF CB channel list:

UHF CB 80 channel list:
Ch.NoFrequencyUse (legal)Notes/Common Use
1476.4250Repeater output (band 1)
2476.4500Repeater output (band 1)
3476.4750Repeater output (band 1)
4476.5000Repeater output (band 1)
5476.5250EMERGENCY (Rptr out band 1)
6476.5500Repeater output (band 1)
7476.5750Repeater output (band 1)
8476.6000Repeater output (band 1)
9476.6250General use
10476.6500General use4WD clubs/convoys
11476.6750Calling only
12476.7000General use
13476.7250General use
14476.7500General use
15476.7750General use
16476.8000General use
17476.8250General use
18476.8500General useCaravan/tourist
19476.8750General use
20476.9000General use
21476.9250General use
22476.9500Data only – NO voice
23476.9750Data only – NO voice
24477.0000General use
25477.0250General use
26477.0500General use
27477.0750General use
28477.1000General use
29477.1250General usePacific Highway/M1 road channel
30477.1500General use
31477.1750Repeater input (band 1)
32477.2000Repeater input (band 1)
33477.2250Repeater input (band 1)
34477.2500Repeater input (band 1)
35477.2750EMERGENCY (Rptr input band 1)
36477.3000Repeater input (band 1)
37477.3250Repeater input (band 1)
38477.3500Repeater input (band 1)
39477.3750General use
40477.4000General useRoad/truck channel (other than M1)
41476.4375Repeater output (band 2)
42476.4625Repeater output (band 2)
43476.4875Repeater output (band 2)
44476.5125Repeater output (band 2)
45476.5375Repeater output (band 2)
46476.5625Repeater output (band 2)
47476.5875Repeater output (band 2)
48476.6125Repeater output (band 2)
49476.6375General use
50476.6625General use
51476.6875General use
52476.7125General use
53476.7375General use
54476.7625General use
55476.7875General use
56476.8125General use
57476.8375General use
58476.8625General use
59476.8875General use
60476.9125General use
61476.9375NOT USEDGuard channel for data
62476.9625NOT USEDGuard channel for data
63476.9875NOT USEDGuard channel for data
64477.0125General use
65477.0375General use
66477.0625General use
67477.0875General use
68477.1125General use
69477.1375General use
70477.1625General use
71477.1875Repeater input (band 2)
72477.2125Repeater input (band 2)
73477.2375Repeater input (band 2)
74477.2625Repeater input (band 2)
75477.2875Repeater input (band 2)
76477.3125Repeater input (band 2)
77477.3375Repeater input (band 2)
78477.3625Repeater input (band 2)
79477.3875General use
80477.4125General use

NOTE: With the exception of channels 5 and 35 (emergency channels), the repeater output and input channels can legally be used for “General use” outside of the coverage area of a repeater on that channel. However, under the right atmospheric conditions a UHF signal can travel hundreds of kilometres, reaching a repeater that you might not be able to hear. It is for this reason we recommend you avoid using channels 31 to 38 and 71 to 78 for normal conversations to help ensure you will not cause interference to some distant repeater you never knew existed!