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Dealing with the misuse of the CB emergency channels can be time consuming and never ending. Most hobbyists don’t have the time to chase up company management, and the crews on the channel usually don’t care.

RREC is willing to help anyone with this issue. If you have details of a company or business using the emergency channels (UHF 5 or 35) for their own general chat then let us know, and we will follow up with the company management and, if necessary, the ACMA. What’s more, if you know of a company using the input channel to your local general chat repeater we’ll try and help with that too. You can also attach a photo of any site signs showing the channel number (maximum 1MB and .gif, .jpg, .jpeg or .png format only.)

NOTE: This form is for cases where you know the name of the company/business and the location, through whatever means (tracking, signs, employment, etc.) These are the details we need to firstly make contact with the right company, and if that fails to have ACMA step in and take action. If you don’t know this information you can still send us a report to

YOUR INFORMATION WILL REMAIN CONFIDENTIAL! If you work for the company involved we will not tell them who it was that reported the issue. In fact we will not even tell them it came from an employee! So don’t stress about losing your job over this report!!

HOWEVER, please note that your IP address will be recorded and passed to the relevant authorities in the case of spam or malicious reports.