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If you are interested in joining Radio Rescue, complete the Membership Application form below and one of our volunteer will contact you once it has been processed.

Membership is currently available to anyone 16 years or older (for cadets under 16 please use our contact form to get in touch). Current membership fees are:

  • Full member (18yrs+): $20/year
  • Concession/student (18yrs+): $15/year
  • Junior member (16-18yrs): $15/year
  • Family of member: $5 off normal fee

Membership fees will be discussed when you are contacted by the membership team. If necessary they can be paid off in installments, or even waived if circumstances are especially difficult (e.g. our current COVID-19 crisis), so please do not allow financial hardship prevent you from joining!

Membership is also available in three membership types:

  • Monitor – this is the frontline of RREC, performing monitoring of CB emergency channels and other operational activities. Monitors must complete mandatory training and lodge regular reports for calls and time spent performing duties. A requirement for this category is a base and/or mobile CB station, or a willingness to obtain and set-up CB equipment (minimum UHF CB.)
  • Supporter – these are members that may not necessarily wish to perform monitoring but still want to support RREC. They can still help during major events or emergencies in non-operational roles.
  • Junior Member – for those aged between 16 and 18 years. Junior members can train as Monitors and perform limited operational duties if they wish.

    Contact Details

    Postal Address

    Same as Residential

    Postal Address (if different to above)

    Other Contact Details


    Give the name and contact number for TWO (2) personal references who have known you for at least 12 months. References must not be family members or close relatives.

    Referee 1

    Referee 2

    Criminal Record

    The following questions are required but do NOT alone decide if a person will be granted membership. If you answer YES to either of these you will be contacted so you can discuss the circumstances with a senior officer. Many factors go into our decision on membership so please do not think a positive answer will exclude you. HOWEVER! A false or misleading answer can be grounds for immediate refusal or cancellation of membership!




    Yes, National Police CheckYes, Working With Children CheckYes, either NPC or WWCCNo, neither NPC or WWCC

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