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27MHz CB

27MHz or HF CB is possibly best known from movies such as Smokey and the Bandit and Convoy. This band utilises equipment with 40, 23 and 18 channels. 18 channels (known as “Australian”) was the original allocation legalised in 1977, while 40 channels was the band legalised when the class licence was introduced and was the same as the 40 channels used in the USA at the time. 23 channels was used in the USA at the time of legalisation in Australia and, although illegal, was used in Australia prior to 1977. 23 channel sets use the first 23 channels of the 40 channel allocation.

* Note:

With the exception of channels designated for a specific mode/use (e.g. call channels), the modes (AM/SSB) shown under “Modes/Use” are by way of a “gentleman’s agreement” that came in before CB was legalised (and inherited from the USA.) Other than the call channels (11 and 16) any mode can legally be used on any channel, however in the interests of peaceful coexistence between AM and SSB operators the bandplan shown is strongly suggested. Also, the frequency does not always match the channel number until channel 25 and above, and the frequencies for channels 23 and 24 are out of sequence due to early equipment design.

Ch. (23/40)Ch. (18)FrequencyUse (legal)Modes/Use*
126.965General useAM
226.975General useAM
326.985General useAM
427.005General useAM
5127.015General useAM
6227.025General useAM
7327.035General useAM
8427.055General useAM – Road channel
1027.075General useAM
11627.085Calling (AM)AM
727.095WITHDRAWNNot used
12827.105General useAM
13927.115General useAM
141027.125General useAM
151127.135General useSSB
161227.155Calling (LSB)SSB
171327.165General useSSB
181427.175General useSSB
191527.185General useSSB
1627.195WITHDRAWNNot Used
201727.205General useSSB
2127.215General useSSB
221827.225General useSSB
2327.245General useSSB
2427.235General useSSB
2527.255General useSSB
2627.265General useSSB
2727.275General useSSB
2827.285General useSSB
2927.295General useSSB
3027.305General useSSB
3127.315General useSSB
3227.325General useSSB
3327.335General useSSB
3427.345General useSSB
3527.355General useLSB long distance calling
3627.365General useSSB
3727.375General useSSB
3827.385General useSSB
3927.395General useSSB
4027.405General useSSB
AM = Amplitude Modulation, SSB = Single Sideband (i.e. LSB and USB; LSB = Lower Sideband, USB = Upper Sideband).